Timeless Week

What the heck is Timeless Week? It’s a celebration of the release of Lisa Wiedmeier’s second book in the Timeless Series. If you’re unfamiliar with the Timeless Series, you need to rush over to Amazon right now and buy a copy of Cheyenne. Don’t let the release of Promises catch you unawares. Don’t be left in the dark when everyone is talking about Cheyenne and her latest adventures. And, don’t be the last to get CATTS.

You don’t know what CATTS is???

That’s okay. We’ve all your latest and greatest Timeless info right here on this site. Be sure to visit the Interviews page each day to read all about the Timeless Series. We’ve got character interviews, Q&A with Lisa, and other CATTS related information.

2 thoughts on “Timeless Week

  1. Timeless Week sounds interesting. I have not read any of Lisa's books yet but I will be popping back to find out more. As always Tricia you have done a good job in whettign ther appetite


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