Fantasy fiction, easy peasy…

Is one genre easier to write than another? Kate offers a unique perspective on the art of writing fantasy.



…or is there more to it?

I’ve just read a thread, on a writers forum, asking if writing fantasy was an easy option – in other words a cop out. At first I was really annoyed, as the author of the thread admitted to never having read any speculative fiction, then I realised they were either genuinely curious or simply stirring the effluent.

In answer to their question, no it isn’t easy to write quality fantasy fiction and make it different from the norm, but that also applies to any other genre. To make your work stand out is extremely difficult. To begin with, one has to create an entire world and people it with characters who engage the reader. Again, this can be said of any genre.

The thread’s author then asked  wasn’t it was easy to get characters out of trouble by using magic or having a mysterious…

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