Meet the Authors of Grá mo Chroí

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day book, here’s something unique. Grá mo Chroí: Love Stories from Irish Myth is available on Amazon. Stop by Authors to Watch to meet the authors.

Authors to Watch

Thank you Tricia for inviting Ali and myself to talk about Grá mo Chroí our collection of retellings of some of the great love stories from Irish myth. Quite a few people have asked us what prompted us to have a go at rewriting perfectly good stories. To explain…


Jane: I started these retellings about a year ago with the story of Deirdre. It was cold.
Exceptionally, we had had a dusting of snow; the blackbirds were taken by surprise and fussed about in the trees. Something in the combination of the snow and the black feather reminded me of the story of Deirdre, a young girl kept in seclusion, just waiting to be married to an old king, and I decided to write her story. One story led to another, and when Ali, at the end of last year suggested we have a go at rewriting some of…

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