What drives a writer?

Just what I needed to read today. Time to stop procrastinating and getting back to writing.


fantasy writer

What is the fundamental urge behind a person’s desire to write? In non fiction authors I would say it’s the desire to inform and educate, to share information. But what about fiction writers? The desires, or urges, are manifold. To share a dream, to tell stories that entertain, to paint pictures with words, and so on. 


And yet sometimes that resolve falters and procrastination sets in. The reasons are again, manifold. Life gets in the way, or depression sets in, coupled with self-doubt, and so the dreams wither and die. All writers, I should imagine, suffer from these ailments on occasion, and sadly some never pull themselves back from the brink. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve come perilously close to jumping over that brink and never writing again; and yet here I still am. 


So for any of you that have strayed from the path, remember what made…

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