Too Many Newsletters

A year or two ago, I wrote an article called Five Easy Ways to Declutter your Email to help people (including myself) who struggle with an overwhelming inbox. Over the past week, I’ve revisited the advice laid out in this article because once again my email inbox has gotten out of control. It seems that every time … More Too Many Newsletters

Missed Opportunities

Last week, I discovered a broken link on my blog. This might not sound like a big deal to you, and in reality, it probably isn’t – unless my broken link directed a potential reader away from my blog. A broken link can cost you a book sale. It can cost you the opportunity to connect with readers … More Missed Opportunities

Make a Difference in the Writing Community

Most authors at one time or another have dreamed of taking the writing world by storm with a breakout bestselling novel. I’m sure most of us still harbor hope this will happen. Regardless of sales or monetary success, we can still make a difference in the writing community. Whether you’re published or still writing your first novel, you … More Make a Difference in the Writing Community

Write the Book First

Which comes first? The book or the bling? I’ve been stumbling across more and more writers who construct book trailers, book-based websites, book covers, and Facebook pages LONG before the first draft of their book is complete. While it is advisable to establish an author platform before you publish, how much is too much? Does … More Write the Book First

Life (And Other Obstacles to Writing Your Novel)

Despite my vow to blog three times a week, I’ve already skipped a couple of days. It’s almost the end of January, and I haven’t done much writing either. I have some pretty good excuses for falling behind (horrific dental work, broken laptop charger, kids, life, etc). There’s always something that gets in the way … More Life (And Other Obstacles to Writing Your Novel)

I’m A Cheater

It’s time for me to be up front and honest about why I’m so often absent from my own Blog. I’ve been cheating. That’s right. I’ve been cheating on my own Blog by spending all my time on another blog. Those of you who know about ‘the other blog’ won’t be surprised by this declaration. … More I’m A Cheater

Crazy Writing Beliefs

When I first began my writing journey less than two years ago, I harbored a few crazy, off-center beliefs that have since been dispelled. Let’s just say my eyes have been opened and my illusions shattered. Please don’t judge me when you read my list of crazy writing beliefs. I was young then—only thirty-eight. It … More Crazy Writing Beliefs