The Day I Died

I never review books on this blog, but today I'm going to talk about a book I recently read that I think might interest some of you. From time to time I've mentioned my ongoing battle with depression and how it has affected my life, particularly my writing (or more specifically my inability to write). …

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Reigning In An Out Of Control Day.

Good advice from author, Misty Harvey.

Misty Harvey

Hello, Readers!

Yesterday was one of those days where everything was off. I had stayed up way too late the night before after taking a weekend mostly to myself. That meant I got up later. Which in turn made my starting time later. And so on and so forth.

Once one thing went off course it snowballed out of control until I was left feeling like a failure on so many levels. I wanted to cry. It had gotten so bad for me.

Between my negative self-chatter and my already low mood, it escalated to levels it didn’t really need to go. I should have noticed all of that and reeled it back in. There are some methods that I have used in the past that have helped when my days get this way. Some that may help you as well.

When everything starts spiraling out of your control and…

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Readers … resolve to read more in 2019!

This post by Susan Toy is right up my alley! I’m definitely committed to reading more this year.

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

HUGETHANKS to Allan Hudson for hosting me once again on his blog, South Branch Scribbler!
Following is much of that original post. Please visit Allan’s link to read in its entirety.

I am a reader and I read a lot of books! No matter how many I read however I never seem to catch up with my ginormous to-be-read stack/list of books. Even though I try to follow Dr. Seuss’s advice:

I never manage to come even close to catching up.

But then that’s part of the fun in reading, isn’t it? The search for new books to read, test-driving new authors’ writing, the joy in “discovering” a new-to-you book or even a genre that you’ve never read before. I’ve spent my entire life reading and working with books and authors and am an author now myself, yet I never tire of reading, thinking about, discussing, recommending and…

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The Year Isn’t Over! Embrace 2018

Today, I'm blogging over at Our Author Gang and talking about New Year's Resolutions! Why wait until 2019 to start making all your dreams come true? The Year Isn't Over By Tricia Drammeh With just a few days left of 2018, most of us have shifted our attention to the holidays. Many companies (excluding retail) …

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It Takes a Village to Publish a Book

I've been seeing a trend over the past couple of years (maybe longer) where self-published authors are beginning to cast away the title "self-published" in favor of "independently published author," or "indie author." I love the title "independently published author." Now, this isn't to say I'm opposed to the term "self-published." In fact, I use …

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