Become a Millionaire Selling Books on Amazon (Or Not)

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a book on Kindle that promised authors they could make a million dollars selling books on Amazon. A quick search yielded dozens of titles promising writers they can easily become best-selling authors, or promising to teach them how to write a best-selling book in 30 days. There are … More Become a Millionaire Selling Books on Amazon (Or Not)


TUMBLEWEED An endless stretch of nothing as far as I can see Unchanging landscape Barren wasteland A lonely tumbleweed scrapes across the roadway its journey as aimless as my own No destination I tumble on


  RESISTANCE Evil creeps from the abyss where it hides in hovels holes and caves It surfaces from murky waters stagnant swamps Amidst the scum that lies upon the surface Evil lurks within the hearts of men who stand on platforms of hypocrisy and hatred Lies flash behind smiles that promise but won’t deliver and never … More Resistance

Lonely Shore

Lonely Shore I walk along the lonely shore while seagulls soar over the sea away from me Cold ocean waves splash o’er my feet With each heartbeat I yearn for you My love is true Saltwater tears course down my face I’ll not replace you in my heart though we’re apart For your return I … More Lonely Shore