The Resurgence of Sock Puppetry and How History Repeats itself.

Great post! The thing that bothers me is that so many of these issues are written off as “indie drama.” And, like Maegan says, some of the issues that, at first, get a ton of attention eventually fade away when people get bored with it. In the case of #cockygate, it’s something that concerns ALL writers.

I’ve followed some of Suzan Tisdale’s posts and she’s done a great job keeping everyone informed and keeping these important issue in the limelight. I hate to see her being targeted, but I’m not surprised by it and I don’t think she is either. It’s just a shame that most of the scammers and cheaters out there continue to get away with their schemes. Thank you to Maegan, Suzan, and all the other authors out there who aren’t afraid to speak out for the benefit of us all.

Maegan Provan, Author

I honestly didn’t realize how long I’d been in the world of self-publishing until recently. I hadn’t realized exactly how much craziness I’ve witnessed, or what I thought I’d missed during my absence the last few years. But, here we are again. The fight against sock puppets, book stuffing, and scams has come flooding back. It’s the same old game, just with better graphics.


When I first joined the community towards the end of 2012, all of this craziness seemed so new and intense. I worked with authors and bloggers, and posted about everything from piracy, to bullying, and everything else that felt so immediate at the time.

In February of 2013, I have my first exposure to an author that took bad reviews as bullying and I blogged about it here. That author went on to create 2 sock puppet accounts using the exact same email username just…

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A Loving Mix

I'm so excited to be a part of this anthology! Eight stories by eight authors for the pre-order price of only $2.99. Here's what it's all about: In our world, outside forces find reasons to keep us apart. Wealth, religion, and race are dividing factors. All manmade barriers that have nothing to do with the … Continue reading A Loving Mix

Copyright vs. Trademark- Why this sh** matters

Here’s another take on #cockygate, this time from a legal standpoint. If you’re confused about the difference between “trademark” and “copyright,” this article will help.

Maegan Provan, Author

The internet and beyond is still in a flurry over #cockygate and the chaos that has come from it. Authors are scrambling to protect themselves in case their series titles get stolen out from under them. Faleena Hopkins has argued that she is doing this to pave the way for new authors to stand up for their work.

Image may contain: text– From a Facebook post by Faleena Hopkins to her fan group “Cocky Readers- Cocker Bros. of ATL.”

Authors are confused about how to protect themselves in the best way and for good reason. The words “copyright” and “trademark” are being thrown around and are being swapped for one another in the midst of this discussion. I want to be clear that copyright and trademark are two separate things.

According to

“[…] Copyrights protect creative or intellectual works, and trademarks apply to commercial names, phrases, and logos. Copyrights primarily protect…

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Beyond Cocky

UPDATED 06/01/18 I really hate to have to blog about #cockygate again. I really do. (You can read my previous post here.) Some of you might wonder why I'm continuing to harp on this topic. Others might think I'm giving Faleena Hopkins exactly what she wants - more publicity. The reason why I've decided to … Continue reading Beyond Cocky

Interview with Tricia Drammeh

I’m so excited to be featured in an interview on Today’s Author. It’s a phenomenal site for writers, so if you’re looking for writing prompts or inspiration, it’s a great place to hang out.

Today's Author

Tricia DrammehTricia Drammeh is an author who writes in many genres: YA, fantasy, paranormal, romance, and women’s fiction. I asked her to share her thoughts on craft and publishing.

Do you decide on genre before you start writing? Does your audience shift or is there crossover?

I usually have some idea of genre, though there have been times I’ve been surprised by the outcome. For example, with Better than Perfect, I had originally intended to write a romance. It turned out to be Women’s Fiction, as the story focused more on the main character’s non-romantic relationships and her evolution as a person.

I would say my audience is broken down into two types of readers, though there is some crossover. There are the readers who fell in love with Better than Perfect and who wish I’d write more Women’s Fiction. Then there are my readers who love young adult fiction with…

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