Houdini Battles Rasputin in New Thriller

Check out this new release by C. Michael Forsyth. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year!

Best and Worst of Horror

Basic RGBTwo of the most extraordinary men who ever lived clash in the thrilling novel Houdini vs. Rasputin, set in Tsarist Russia. While performing before Tsar Nicholas II, the world’s greatest escape artist Harry Houdini becomes pitted against a formidable foe: Rasputin, the powerful and sinister mystic. Rasputin has made puppets of the Tsar and his wife Alexandra. To save the nation from ruin, a small band of patriots recruits Houdini to expose the imperial “spiritual advisor” as a charlatan. Houdini wages an epic battle of wits and wills with the charismatic fiend.

The American magician’s daring and ingenuity are put to the test in an adventure that takes him from the grand palaces of St. Petersburg to the frigid wastelands of Siberia. Along the way, Houdini makes allies and enemies of a host of real-life figures, including the mischievous imp Princess Anastasia, the colossal former boxer and royal bodyguard…

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Reblog: A New Puppy for the Holidays

We’re all familiar with the classic Holiday movie scene where a small child joyfully discovers his most cherished gift beneath the Christmas tree: an adorable puppy (or kitten) with a big red bow around its neck. A new puppy for Christmas! I’ve always wondered, when watching such a scene play out on television or the …

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Meet Author Joleene Naylor!

Today, I'm very excited to have Joleene Naylor as a visitor to my blog. Joleene is an author, blogger, and all-around amazingly talented person who I am fortunate to call a friend. So, are you ready? Let's have some fun! About Joleene (the official bio): Joleene Naylor is the author of the glitter-less Amaranthine vampire …

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Cleaning House Before NaNoWriMo

How many people out there are participating in NaNoWriMo? Raise your hands. Wow, that's a lot! Good for you! Those of you who are NOT participating probably have a variety of reasons for skipping it this year: You're already in the middle of another project and don't want to break your momentum to start something …

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Feeling Afraid and Under Threat: Thoughts on the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this article by Rami Ungar…

Rami Ungar The Writer

I’ve been trying to think of the words to say for hours. I’ve been wondering if I should say anything. I’ve wanted to throw myself into anime or a book or into any form of entertainment, because sometimes the made-up worlds are better than the real one we inhabit. In the end though, I had to say something. I think I knew I was going to the moment I heard what happened today. And I had to let you know, I’m afraid in a way I don’t like to be.

Earlier today, a man named Robert Bowers opened fire at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Three different services for three different congregations were being held that morning, with nearly a hundred people in the synagogue. Eleven people were killed and several more were injured, including four of the police officers who showed up to subdue Bowers, who has…

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