I’m A Cheater

It’s time for me to be up front and honest about why I’m so often absent from my own Blog. I’ve been cheating. That’s right. I’ve been cheating on my own Blog by spending all my time on another blog. Those of you who know about ‘the other blog’ won’t be surprised by this declaration. … More I’m A Cheater

The Polls Are Open

As many of you know, I called on my readers to nominate their favorite book character to serve as our next President of the United States. Nine candidates emerged and the time has come to cast your vote. Below is a summary of candidates to choose from. The official poll appears in the column to … More The Polls Are Open

A Little Help?

As an author and a blogger, my personal life often bleeds into my writing. Out of respect for my family’s privacy, I try to keep some things to myself. I try not to reveal any embarrassing personal stories that involve my kids, and as a mother of teenagers, I’ve come to realize that almost anything … More A Little Help?

It’s a Sunshine Day

I have very exciting news today. Kay Kauffman, author and blogger extraordinaire, nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Here are the rules: Link the award to the person who gave it to me (click on Kay’s name above to visit her awesome blog) Answer questions about myself (see below) Nominate ten bloggers for the … More It’s a Sunshine Day


Fantasy and paranormal novels tell tales of the extraordinary. The hero gains magical powers or obtains a gift others do not possess. The heroine embarks upon a life-or-death mission and finds her inner strength while on her quest. There is adventure, romance, and mystery. And, there is always an event that defines the main character, … More Extraordinary

A Sad Farewell

Rudy For the past several days, I’ve struggled to write. It seems I’ve lost my creativity, my motivation, my concentration. For those of who are subjected to my blog posts and Facebook statuses, you know I committed to taking the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge, meaning I pledged to write 50,000 words between June 1st and June … More A Sad Farewell

Game On

My websites and blog have been ridiculously busy the last couple of weeks. After handing over my blog to a couple of guest-bloggers, participating in Titanic Week, and interviewing two authors who have had recent book releases, I’m ready for some ‘me’ time. For those of you who are familiar with my site, you’ll notice … More Game On

Vacation Pictures

 As the old cliche goes…pictures paint a thousand words.  Chris and Dena at La Jolla cliffs  Chris at La Jolla  Dena at La Jolla beach  Dena, Chris, Taylor & Mike  La Jolla  La Jolla Ocean Life Mike, Chris, Teigan, & Taylor

The Blame Game

There are tons of articles and blogs about the business of writing—the queries, the edits, the marketing, etc. I think I’ve even covered a few of those points in an earlier blog of my very own. Today, I read an article written by a soon-to-be-published friend who discussed that very topic. She brought up an … More The Blame Game

A Lack of Words

These past few weeks, I’ve suffered from a lack of words. Not of the verbal variety, but of the written. My family members and co-workers can attest to the fact that my verbal skills are still very much alive. Sadly, all those lovely (or not so lovely) words which so effortlessly spew from my mouth … More A Lack of Words