Author Etiquette for Contacting Book Bloggers

Hello, everyone! It’s me again with another author advice post. Warning: This post isn’t for everyone. If you’re an author who finds etiquette posts tiresome, this post isn’t for you. If you’re already an expert on book marketing, this post will probably seem pretty basic, but I hope you’ll read on and add your advice in the … More Author Etiquette for Contacting Book Bloggers

Get Spellbound for Free

I haven’t done many freebie promotions in the past, mostly because I’m not sure it really drives sales or helps with reviews. With my latest release, I’ve decided to do several days of free promotions, and here’s why: Spellbound (Spellbringers Book One) is a re-release of a book formerly titled ‘The Claiming Words.’ For those … More Get Spellbound for Free

Marketing for Introverts

If you’re a writer (published or unpublished), I’m sure you’ve heard about or experienced the difficulty of marketing a book. It’s hard to draw attention to your book when there are thousands of other books competing for readers’ attention. I’ve blogged about this topic before, so I know I’m not the only one who struggles … More Marketing for Introverts

Write the Book First

Which comes first? The book or the bling? I’ve been stumbling across more and more writers who construct book trailers, book-based websites, book covers, and Facebook pages LONG before the first draft of their book is complete. While it is advisable to establish an author platform before you publish, how much is too much? Does … More Write the Book First

Life (And Other Obstacles to Writing Your Novel)

Despite my vow to blog three times a week, I’ve already skipped a couple of days. It’s almost the end of January, and I haven’t done much writing either. I have some pretty good excuses for falling behind (horrific dental work, broken laptop charger, kids, life, etc). There’s always something that gets in the way … More Life (And Other Obstacles to Writing Your Novel)