Too Much to Say

Looking back at my blog over the past couple of months, I see nothing but sporadic re-blogs. I've barely posted at all, but that isn't because I don't have anything to say. It's because I have so much to write about, I can hardly get my thoughts in order. Do I talk about the election … Continue reading Too Much to Say

Thoughts on Aging

Photo courtesy of tiverylucky @FreeDigitalPhotos.netI recently turned forty-five. For some reason, this age bothers me a lot. It's not the age, really. It's the process of aging. I know forty-five isn't old, but I'm beginning to feel my age. And, to add insult to injury, I've had a couple people accuse me of being older … Continue reading Thoughts on Aging


We are often told the key to happiness is forgiveness. We forgive others, not for their benefit, but for our own. I've spent a lifetime forgiving people. I've never been a grudge-holder, so forgiveness has (for the most part) come fairly easily for me. Or so I'd thought. Yesterday, I had an afternoon visit with … Continue reading Forgiveness

Dear Cool Mom

Dear Cool Mom, You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. How long has it been? Three years? Four? Doesn’t really matter, because I doubt you’ll read this letter. While you were being the fun mom hanging with the preteens in the skate park, I was sitting on the bench outside eating McDonalds. The … Continue reading Dear Cool Mom

I #AmWriting

If someone asked me, I'd tell them I haven't written anything in three months, but that isn't entirely true. I haven't written as much as I would like. I haven't worked on the projects I feel I should be working on. But I've written. (A little.) To tell you the truth, I've been down on … Continue reading I #AmWriting