Lonely Shore

Lonely Shore I walk along the lonely shore while seagulls soar over the sea away from me Cold ocean waves splash o’er my feet With each heartbeat I yearn for you My love is true Saltwater tears course down my face I’ll not replace you in my heart though we’re apart For your return I … More Lonely Shore


I’m extremely late in posting my poem for NaPoWriMo. After working all day, I rushed home to take my dog to her appointment at the veterinarian. Nothing major – just a routine annual visit. Well, routine for me. Not so much for Tasha, who loathes the vet’s office. After having a couple of vaccinations and … More Battle-weary

Nonet for NaPo

NaPoWriMo Day Two is upon us and I decided to try writing a Nonet. This is form I haven’t tried before, but it looked fairly simple. Once I began, it wasn’t quite as simple as I’d expected. So, here we go… “Streetlights at Twilight Time” by drpnncpptak@FreeDigitalPhotos.net STREETLIGHTS Streetlights flicker outside my window illuminating a … More Nonet for NaPo