The Essential Self-Publishing Guide

This is an exciting week for me! For the past several months, I've been working on putting together a self-publishing guide. My original plan was to compile previous articles I'd written, but the project got away from me and turned into over 170 pages. The Essential Self-Publishing Guide is for writers who are considering self-publishing. … Continue reading The Essential Self-Publishing Guide

A Few Thoughts on Editors

Editors. We all need them - at least most of us do. It's very difficult to catch all your own mistakes when you write something, and the longer the piece of work, the more numerous the errors. When you're first starting out as a writer, you need a really good editor. Not just someone to … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Editors

Why Indie Writers are Important to Readers

A good book is a good book, regardless of who the publisher (or self-publisher) might be. Great article!

J.D. Adamsson

There’s been some publicity recently about the lowering standards of books, about how indie writers have an overblown opinion of their abilities. Generalisations like that are rarely accurate, things are just never that simple.

to the lighthouseThere are many writers in this world. The natural geniuses, who still nevertheless need a firm hand in editing, spelling and developmental input. The ones who aren’t great at the start, but love reading good literature, who want to write too and who put in the study and hours to improve their skills. There are those who have ideas, maybe good, maybe not so good, who perhaps have enough funds to pay a ruck of line and developmental editors to make their stories shine. Some even go as far as hiring ghost writers to write their ideas for them, and who then take all the credit, but they aren’t really writers (no famous names named). There…

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Let’s Talk About Taking a Knee

What a timely and thought-provoking post. I couldn’t agree more. As writers, we are often told to avoid politics and religion, but sometimes you simply cannot keep quiet – not when it’s something so important. This is beyond disagreeing about political policy or court cases. This is about something very real that affects a huge amount of our population. Racism is real. And the reaction to Colin Kaepernick is just an example of it. This is peaceful protest and he (and others who chose to protest in this way) are well within their rights to do so.

The NFL is NOT a government organization, and it’s up to them how they run their organization. Trump really shouldn’t be badmouthing businesses or private citizens. I’m quite certain he has other things to worry about.

I am in full support of anyone who chooses to “take a knee.” And I can understand those who choose not to do so for their own reasons. Those who are offended by this form of peaceful protest may certainly boycott the NFL, and those who are offended by my opinion of the whole matter may certainly boycott my books or blog.

Thank you, Tim, for writing this article and for taking a stand. It’s time to stop vilifying football players for peacefully protesting, and time to start taking about the real issue – the racial inequality that is a life-and-death issue for people of color.


One thing I’ve never been accused of is shying away from an argument – and judging by my six siblings (four brothers and two sisters) it’s a family trait.

However, I got some advice from a fellow author a few years back about engaging in hot-button arguments on social media. His tip was simple, and it made perfect sense…

To paraphrase; If you argue something really controversial you run the risk of alienating potential readers.

This was (is) good advice for an author trying really hard to increase his fan base – so I heeded his advice. Regardless of the topic (and let’s face it…there have been some whoppers on social media in the past few years) I kept my distance. I posted cute pictures of puppies, funny memes, useless trivia and the occasional “save the shark” comment – but I steered clear of the big three – religion, sex…

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When Your Dream is Bigger than your Budget

I'm sure you've heard the old adage, "It takes money to make money." This is true even in publishing - maybe especially in publishing. This post isn't going to harp on the recent scandal involving the YA author who bulk-purchased her book in order to inflate sales numbers. Nope. This is about the cost of … Continue reading When Your Dream is Bigger than your Budget