Star & Bloom Haiku

Monday is here again and you know what that means! It's time for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge. Our prompt words are Star & Bloom. I cheated a bit this week because instead of using both words within one haiku, I wrote a separate haiku for each prompt word. And I wrote a tanka. Anyway, here … Continue reading Star & Bloom Haiku

Haiku Challenge: Color & Warmth

It's Monday and that means it's time for RonovanWrites' Haiku Challenge. I've managed to pound out two quick haiku before running off to work this morning. Summer Sun Under the sun’s warmth Trees and flowers come alive In bursts of color * Your Love Fill my heart with warmth Color my days with your love … Continue reading Haiku Challenge: Color & Warmth

What’s in a story?

Write what you love!


When a writer begins a new book, what elements do they want to incorporate into their story: adventure, fantasy, romance? – the possibilities are almost endless. Of course it does depend on the genre, but for the purposes of this post, I’ll go with the genre I write in, which is YA urban fantasy.

The Silver Flute Trilogy

This is the genre I’m most comfortable with; I’ve always found writing in other genres extremely hard.When I tried, it became so onerous that I considered giving up writing. Rather foolishly I’d taken the advice of a well meaning friend and tried to write about “real” things. Well, for those who have the talent to write in a more realistic style, this is fine, but all I managed to do was bore myself. I also unwittingly copied the style of other writers and therefore had no voice of my own and readers…

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Haiku Challenge: Please & Tease

I'm back to participate in Ronovan Write's Weekly Haiku Challenge this week. The prompt words (Please & Tease) inspired the poem below: FIELDS OF FLOWERS: Acres of flowers Fragrant blooms tease and entice Pleasing all senses * Be sure to pop over to Ronovan's blog. In the comments section, you will find links to other … Continue reading Haiku Challenge: Please & Tease

Self-Published Authors are Real

Oh yes. I'm feeling a bit ranty this week, which would explain the frequent blogging, I suppose. I've penned similar posts in the past. Hell, you have probably blogged about this too. I think nearly every self-published author has. Well, it's time to say it again: I am self-published and I am a REAL author.  … Continue reading Self-Published Authors are Real